Provisional Distribution Maps

A major aim of any recording scheme is to map the geographic distribution of individual species over time, allowing population trends to be monitored and changes in national status to be detected. This information can be used to investigate the ecological factors responsible and direct conservation effort to address species declines.

It is always difficult to prove that any species has undergone real changes in abundance since historic recording coverage for so many is comparatively poor. However, characteristic species which are easily recognised are unlikely to have been previously overlooked, even given the relatively limited number of field workers who are familiar with this group of insects.

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Last updated: 28/09/2017 By Alan Stewart

These maps are provisional. They will be updated as the backlog of records to digitise is worked through. They do not include records held on the NBN Atlas.

Solid symbols denote records from 1960 onwards.

Open symbols denote records before 1960.